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Dubai West Feature in Vancouver Magazine

"Almost overnight, the tiny Middle Eastern kingdom of Dubai has transformed from a modest trading port into a glittering Shangri-la—complete with indoor ski hill. Situated at the crossroads of the emerging giant economies—China, India, Russia, the Persian Gulf petro-powers—the city-state draws tourists and foreign investors to its audacious mega-projects, from the world’s largest manmade island to the largest mall. In many ways it has played the role of the saloon in the gold rush: the prospectors might strike it rich or go bust, but everyone needs a place to kick back, part with their (occasionally ill-gotten) gains, and broker the deals of tomorrow. As global wealth shifts from West to East, that place is Dubai: a desert kingdom built on real estate." - Deborah Campbell Vancouver Magazine Published May 1, 2008 Read more at www.vanmag.com/Real_Estate/Dubai_West