ISEA 2014 Dubai — Nov. 2-9

Maraya: Sisyphean Cart crated to go

October 20, 2014
Who would anticipate that our crate might get quarantined? We were building it at Emily Carr University, not at a certified shop and we were made aware of the concern for exporting bugs in the soft wood to the gulf region. So Denbigh Fine Art Services saved the day—costs a little more but at least it will be there when we arrive. Denbigh has done this before many times. Crating the cart today, shipping tomorrow!


October 27, 2014
Simon and Henry are in Dubai, but not the cart's battery; that was taken away after check-in by Lufthansa, and the luggage it was in also didn't get sent. So Simon is still wearing the same clothes, and Henry has no socks (they ended up in that suitcase as the battery when they had to shift things around for weight restrictions). On top of that, after arriving in this warm humid city, they found out that the crate never even left Vancouver for some mysterious reason (it said on the UPS tracking site that the documents were "lost"). Not an auspicious way to start the debut of the Maraya: Sisyphean Cart.