Pulling the Sisyphean Cart on Dubai Marina

After the mad rush of de-crating the work, installing for the exhibition, coinciding with the start the ISEA2014 conference, and Glen's paper presentation the following morning, we scramble to find a truck to bring the Sisyphean Cart to the Dubai Marina. We hit up an old friend who helped us with previous video shoots, Neel Patkar of Jamjar, who gives us the contact for Abdul who runs a cartage company.

Hours later, a pickup truck driven by Ibrahim who is the mirror image of Ryan Gosling but with Pakistani attire comes by AUD for pick up. We arrive at Dubai Marina to find that accessing the waterfront is not as easy as it was just two years ago; so much building has infilled that there is now a veritable wall between the road and the marina, although there are occasional stairs connecting the two which the cart cannot navigate. We end up at the far west end and find a way down under the bridge. After all the trials of past two weeks, Maraya: Sisyphean Cart is finally ready to roll on Dubai Marina! We start pulling, and 10 minutes later we lose the wifi signal that the cart sends out that allows us to view the camera's feed as well as manually override the tracking program. It turns out to be a battery malfunction, the same battery that we had just bought at Nasser Square. Ugh. This is something that could have been prevented if the cart had arrived as intended / scheduled, as we had planned for a week of scouting and testing.

So we decide to make the best of things and set up the mirrored architectural forms. This draws attention, a security guard zooms up on his Segway, tourists pose next to it, as well as some workers from nearby who had been watching us struggle with the equipment stored under the cart. At least we get some nice photos from this first, very short pull.