March 19, 2012

Video: MOV Artist Talk

Maraya Artist Talk
Henry Tsang, Glen Lowry, M. Simon Levin
March, 2012
Museum of Vancouver
Introduction by Hanna Cho


March 10, 2012

Video and Text from Maraya Artist Talk @ Centre A Gallery

Text from the Maraya Artist Talk held November 26, 2011 at Centre A.
Glen Lowry, Henry Tsang and M. Simon Levin speaking at Centre A, Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
Artist Talk held November 26, 2011


February 29, 2012

What Paths Are We On

What Paths Are We On
Reflections on the interactive Maraya website
By Jessa Alston-O’Connor


December 19, 2011

Video from Public Talk - Am Johal & Eugene McCann

Videos from the Public Talk held at Centre A on Thursday, November 24, 2011 Am Johal presented Civil Unrest and the City: Spectacle and Social Justice Eugene McCann discussed Mirrors, models and movements

December 02, 2011

Two Talks

Two talks: Eugene McCann's Mirrors Models and Movements; Am Johal's Civil Unrest and the City: Spectacle and Social Justice.

November 26, 2011

Public talk with Christos Dikeakos: “How the City Spoke to Us”

By Naomi Horii As part of programming for the Maraya Project, Centre A hosted a public talk by Christos Dikeakos. In this talk, Dikeakos examined “the historical mirroring of land speculation and the building and rebuilding of the city in what he calls “a systemic 'Frontier-ism' of economic behavior” (Dikeakos bio, Maraya Website)

November 06, 2014

Pulling the Sisyphean Cart on Dubai Marina

After the mad rush of de-crating the work, installing for the exhibition, coinciding with the start the ISEA2014 conference, and Glen's paper presentation the following morning, we scramble to find a truck to bring the Sisyphean Cart to the Dubai Marina. We hit up an old friend who helped us with previous video shoots, Neel Patkar of Jamjar, who gives us the contact for Abdul who runs a cartage company.


November 04, 2014

Maraya: Sisyphean Cart Premieres at ISEA2014

After a mad scramble with terrific support from AUD folks (thanks Woodman Taylor, Terry May, John Imperial, Alfred custodian, AUD staff), we set up the cart, video screens with footage from the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom surveillance camera embedded in the centre of the cart) and slide show of the cart being pulled along Vancouver's False Creek. Simon, Glen and Henry gave a talk, perhaps the most brief and hopefully most succinct, about Maraya and this new, latest and probably final project.


November 02, 2014

The Crate Arrives (finally!)

After an entire week of anxious waiting, communicating, cajoling, checking UPS tracking our crate's (non-) shipment from YVR to DXB, it finally arrives, on a Saturday no less (it's a weekend)! It's a beautiful structure, well made (thanks Denbigh Fine Arts), and we are grateful for the extra effort by Chris at Denbigh and the UPS Dubai folks to get it to American University of Dubai. 23 hours before artist talk and opening; deep breaths work fast!


October 28, 2014

Bonding in Nasser

We're in search of a battery, a 15-pound gel cell that was pulled out of our check-in baggage at YVR. We take a taxi to Nasser Square but the driver doesn't take us all the way there. We end up in a neighbourhood full of little stores with car parts, cel phones, local women's clothing (abayas and sheilas) – but no batteries. It's an interesting area, working class, with folks from the region, Africa and Central and East Asia. It's definitely not Dubai Marina, not the financial districts, where more Europeans abound.