Art Dubai 2012

Maraya Special project

Maraya was invited by Director Antonia Carver to participate in Art Dubai 2012 as one of the curated Special Projects.

Henry Tsang and Glen Lowry traveled to Dubai to display two of Maraya's prototype travel cases. One is a Zero Haliburton case fitted with a special superbright monitor, computer, sensor and router that played video clips overlapping the two seawalls of Vancouver's False Creek and the Dubai Marina seawall, responding to the proximity of the viewers who approached the artwork. The other case showed an interior made of mirrored surfaces that reflected its immediate environment.

Art Dubai 2012 was reportedly a success and demonstrated a maturation in the ongoing development of this art fair as well as the local art scene. We were impressed (and amazed) by the rapid growth of local contemporary art galleries. When we first visited Dubai in 2007, there were perhaps a handful that were engaged in current artistic activities. Now there are dozens.

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2012-03-21 (All day) to 2012-03-24 (All day)

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Sat, 2012-03-24 13:11

Looking great in Dubai!