ART IN THE PUBLIC SPHERE Speakers Series, University of Western Ontario, Visual Arts talk

Art in the Public Sphere Speakers Series UWO, Visual Arts Public Lecture: Nov. 10, 2011 Maraya: On Critical Reflection Synopsis: Named from the Arabic m’raya for mirror or reflection, Maraya connects Vancouver’s False Creek and the Dubai Marina in the United Arab Emirates. This project explores an emerging global urbanism and by inviting participants to reflect on their involvement in the creation of 21st century urban waterfronts, built environments that have become the cornerstone of new and rising economies. One of Maraya's three leads, Glen Lowry will discuss his work with collaborating partners Henry Tsang and M. Simon Levin, reflecting on the transformative experience of being an embedded theorist in a large-scale, international art project. This talk will focus on critical issues arising from the team's five years of research, particularly around issues of global mobilities and the problem of constructing public art across two distinct urban sites.

2011-11-10 16:00

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University of Western Ontario London



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Mon, 2011-11-07 14:34

Hey Glen -- Is this for a talk you are doing?