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Amanda, Angela, Kim: Behind the Scenes


AMANDA/1st Section:
I'm particularly interested in spaces of transience, abandonment and neglect. Let's say an alley takes up 20% of outdoor walking space on each block. That's a lot of uninspiring space. In general the allies I explored consisted mostly of disposal containers, vehicles and abandoned furniture. How would the community network change if the back of the building was just another front? What if you walked out your back door to interact with your neighbors and you walked out the front door to get groceries? For our third path, I inputted the stronger captures from my camera, digging for potential behind the scenes.

Angela /Second section
When I looked at the images Amanda posted, I was very interested on how she managed to make static objects in the images look like they were moving and walking through the path, then morphing into something else, and so on. I loved this technique, and combined with the title "Behind the Scenes" I began to think of these small pockets of interest in the city that are usually passed by and ignored from people. These interesting objects, spaces, buildings and signs are then Behing the Scenes of daily life, but still play a role in our daily lives. I followed this by focusing on certain focal points in the images and repeating them through other images, thus creating this same sort of movement. Kim continued this in her own way, rather than physically repeating the process of combining images, she conceptually explored the ideas of Behind the Scenes. By Kim physically going in places that are on the other-point of view of these scenes, it twists the viewers gaze back unto themselves.

Kim/3rd Section:
The beginning images of “Behind the Scenes” led me to think about who sees these places, and who wants to see them. We often avoid certain areas of town, or stay out of alleyways late at night. But we can also think about the people who are forced into these spaces due to their lack of means, or homes to go to.
I headed up to the top of a parkade to shoot my addition to this series. The security guard there would have made sure that nobody without business to be there was loitering. I had to speak with him and explain my project briefly, since I didn’t come in or out in a vehicle.
I thought: who sees the city from this angle? Casting down their gaze upon the alleyways while the others are forced to look up and wonder.


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we are here
Fri, 2012-03-16 17:36

Such a beautiful path. I love how you have layered the images. It almost feels like you're telling a story- really great job! - Emily

we are here
Sat, 2012-03-17 14:38

the container... everything and everyone is a container for something else. cant wait to see more... jenna

Sun, 2012-03-18 16:58

sweet - really loved the beginning of this path guys, how you honed in on specific objects, and used repitition.

Tue, 2012-03-20 20:55

glenlowry's picture

Nice one. Particularly like the use of text and foregrounding of movement/mobility, both from formal elements to more thematic concerns.