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Downtown Jungle


Decided to go with a city theme with these photos and create a maze.

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Mon, 2012-03-19 14:09

I decided to go with a city theme with my path and create a maze that led people in and out of alleyways and suburbs. The photos are a combination of structures from both Vancouver and Victoria. while I find the two cities both vastly different, I also find areas that are eerily similar, thus combining the architecture helps strengthen that similarity. early 20th century brick buildings, fences, houses, and street names are elements shared by both.
My path is much like the POV of somebody strolling along the path as if lost and confused in a downtown jungle.

Mon, 2012-03-19 18:26

I added onto this path, taking a bit of a different route. The path begins amongst the concrete - creating and juxtaposing images from both Victoria and Vancouver. I began to add onto this existing path with more fence imagery and natural elements. Within the path I juxtaposed an image I had of a fence being constructed with an imagery of trees in the their natural state. For me this brings attention to where resources, such as lumber, come from. It makes me think of what takes place in order to extract a tree from its natural growing state in the forest to where it is now a processed commodity at the local lumber store. I think these images work in attempting to bridge the gap we have between what we consumable and its origination.