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here and there



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we are here
Sat, 2012-03-17 14:34

i like the use of line (fence and shore) the edge is always on the verge of falling away.

Sun, 2012-03-18 16:53

Ive had fun so far integrating our images together and sometimes even creating a type of narrative along the path. With this path I experimented in incorporating some images of my paintings - as they deal with both historical, cultural and social connotations within the local landscape. Its neat to think of different imagery from different people, taken at differing times, can be compiled together - allowing us to view these images in a completely new context. When starting this path i noticed some similarities between an image of tysons and an image of mine. I had an image from the Chinese cemetary of stone gravemarkers in a circular formation, then i noticed tyson's image of an inukshuk - i played with these 2 images coinciding and juxtaposing eachother to allow for the viewer to perhaps create their own ideas around these two objects. I was interested how different meanings are placed upon differing objects depending upon their surroundings. The way these objects are configured, and the relationships they have to the individual viewer, depending upon their individual circumstances.