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night walk


As we walk at night through cities our relation to the land and its marks are uniquely different than in the day. As we move under halos of multicolored street lights, headlights and neon signs our state is significantly altered to something more dreamlike but with an acute awareness of the morphing of space through the color in relation to the body. Walking through a city at night is preferred as it almost becomes a personal experiment with Chromotherapy, aimless wandering and quick decisions and reactions.


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Mon, 2012-03-19 16:53

ourgroup300's picture

If you blurr your vision and move through a night space, it's uncanny how homogenous places are. I enjoyed the night walk perspective, I've been watching (over and over) this Nasa video, filmed from a satellite, and the planet is so lit up. Networks of power grids are very obvious, some areas so bright, that I wonder if they even know what night time really looks like. It really makes you think about the sorts of places that have no artificial lighting at night. It's odd how we feel the necessity to light up the night.