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Path #3


Here is my path - I will do a little editing but please edit however you like!

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Mon, 2012-03-19 21:48

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Nice Phoebe, i love some of those shadows!

Mon, 2012-03-19 22:54

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I have been reading a lot lately about walking, and the act of walking (my grad film discusses walking in various ways). The surrealists of early 20th century Paris would wander the streets, hoping to forget their way and create new pathways for themselves which often deliberately veered off the beaten track. This was a very urban practice. In bourgeois Paris, the walkers were known as Flaneurs (one who walks without destination) but the Surrealists coined it as their own, as a “Dérive.” I very much enjoy this idea of walking for the sake of walking, and forgetting where you are, getting lost, and re-finding your way, or inventing your way, essentially re-mapping the city. This isn’t directly what my path is about, but it is something I thought about while going on my walks to collect photos for my path.
I focused on shadows in particular. I was interested in the change of daylight that occurs during the class, and how it affects so many other things (mood, energy, appetite, sense of length of day, etc). I thought that shadows would be a good thing to study in order to extend this idea. I really liked how the shadows reflected the time of day. During daylight, the shadows are all made from a single source of light (the sun) and therefore, all shadows point in the same direction. Going back to the Surrealists, one gets a sense of direction during this time, creating a more stable sense of location (which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to forget where you are). Once the sun sets, artificial light sources replace the sun, and several million of them within the city. Now shadows are skewed everywhere, in every direction, and sometimes multiple shadows are made from one object. One no longer has a sense of orientation, east and west are no longer actors (or perhaps silent actors), but now time becomes a visible actor, since we experience the changing of light.
When I initially set up the path, the photos were in chronological order, but I am interested in a non-chronological re-arrangement, and what kind of new relationships might be discussed between the photographs as a result.

Tue, 2012-03-20 06:20

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Hi Phoebe -
Nice path. I added some pictures with funky shadows in them - and also one of my favorite dog-friend. What would a walk be without someone to enjoy it with, eh?!
Anyway - thanks for submitting it! Please feel free to edit my and Remi's paths too as you see fit.