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Playgrounded - By Robert Ondzik


I am interested in the playground space as a network apparatus, related to the ideas discussed in class concerning Bruno Latour and ANT. What playgrounds speak about in terms of connection and a space of moving are two points in which I am particularly interested in. However in newer forms of playgrounds, often the playground is divided into separate entities, objects designed to serve specific purposes rather than a network of objects conceived as a unit which seems to be more synonymous with newer structures. As playgrounds are improved, safety is improved as well, but the concept of risk decreased. It seems strange to prioritize risk but in learning how a space like a playground functions, one part of every structure is risk, do I climb this? do I utilize this space in a different way than intended? can there be more this space can offer me? All of this can change and articulate much of the use of a playground but inevitably requires the subject take a risk in order to find out. In attempting to pacify this risk through re articulation of the area of the playground ( by utilizing a plastic foam like substance in replacement of a sand or gravel or dirt, soft, less obtrusive materials, objects that serve greater single task motives than a single networked unti) , does it inevitably raise the bar for greater risk or simply address concerns of parents?


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Tue, 2012-03-20 10:17

ourgroup300's picture

As a parent, I have to say that this North American concern for risk is overbearing and exaggerated. Even plastic car seats have expiry dates on them. If you wish to explore the idea of networks and playgrounds, lets think about assessing the risk of creating a generation of paranoid children, who lack the ability to think and deduce, because everything has been made too easy and safe for them. Let's teach some self responsibility. I love your choice of playgrounds, the wooden ones are much better, they are not as common however. Also, as a playground connoisseur (even pre children) I have to object to plastic slides - they create too much static on the way down, and often have too much resistance. Metal all the way!