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Where is the line between communicating messages and domination, and could these things essentially be the same? No matter how hard one tries to hide one is intrinsically a part of space. If one hangs ones head down and does not speak they still take up space. If one dies their body still takes up space.
Humans are animals. This is neither a negative nor a positive statement.
What is more dominating and destructive?: Graffiti scrawled on buildings, poles and cement; or the human artifacts that have become our world: concrete and dismembered trees?
Let us play the domination game then. What is worse?: Driving our cars (cars are essentially unsafe and departed from real time), or burning cars?
I do not think the unsafeness of automobiles needs to be explained. 'Real time' in the context of this body refers to the length of time actions of living take (more or less the slow way of doing things that are often looked upon as taking too long). I have issues with the phrase 'waste of time.' I understand this phrase is necessary in particular contexts.
There are multiple materials and skills that come together to make fire. One must understand how to gather wood and how to arrange it in a way that will burn. Matches are like magic. I would like to learn how to survive without them.
Walkways and paved roads are indicators of human establishment and domination (I do not mean domination as a negativity but as simply is). The graffiti fence on the gulf island that I inhabit is a community agreed upon message board. Respect is expected by community members. When an event that is being advertised has passed it is permissible to paint over such messages.


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Mon, 2012-04-16 11:38

This one is incredibly innovative— images and gestures, signs and scrawls overlay in an other worldly sensibility and are very playful as they are eeking towards abstraction.