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March 19, 2012

Video: MOV Artist Talk

Maraya Artist Talk
Henry Tsang, Glen Lowry, M. Simon Levin
March, 2012
Museum of Vancouver
Introduction by Hanna Cho


March 10, 2012

Video and Text from Maraya Artist Talk @ Centre A Gallery

Text from the Maraya Artist Talk held November 26, 2011 at Centre A.
Glen Lowry, Henry Tsang and M. Simon Levin speaking at Centre A, Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
Artist Talk held November 26, 2011


March 06, 2012

Activating Public Space: the Maraya Project Artists’ Talks.

By Jessa Alston-O'Connor


February 28, 2012

Artist Talk at Museum of Vancouver

Networked Urban Flows: Maraya = Reflection


January 19, 2012

The Maraya Project Send-Off

The Maraya Project Send-Off
By Naomi Horii